Tasting Best Syrah Wines


Spicy and Big-Hitting – Best Syrah Wine

Best Syrah WinesKnown as a big hit in Australia, the best Syrah wine is distinctly spicy and full bodied. Different wines have different tannin levels and for the Syrah it displays a firm level of tannin. This feature gives the wine a smooth and ripe quality to it upon tasting. Its profile consists of a fusion of several different food flavors: bitterness of dark chocolate, smoked meat, black pepper, clove, plum, berries and licorice.

When tasting the best Syrah wines you will immediately get that black currant taste from it over laid with a hint of black pepper and meat. This fusion of different flavors into one drink is complemented perfectly by the tannins and alcohol. Like most of its kind – red wine – it also has a similar affinity to oak though toffee is mostly the flavor that prevails rather than just the plain oak.

In the market today, you should know that the Syrah variety is being utilized to produce the average consumer wines. But the use of this variety is not limited to commercialized wines, when done properly it can also be used to create the deepest, most luscious dark red wine. All with the strong and intense flavors distinct with Syrah. Since it used to produce commercialized wine, it is common to find this as a typical table wine.

This type of wine is ideal for stocking since it has an excellent shelf life unlike others. For certain types of wines, the grapes used are quite sensitive when it comes to the region and the soils they are grown in. The same is true for the Syrah since the location where in it grown would affect how it tastes when fermented.

Wine tasting for the first time? Know that the best Syrah differs from one place to another. Australian Syrah is sparkling, has a certain degree of sweetness and is full bodied. In some varieties, the sweetness is replaced or overshadowed by an earthy flavor that is common in still wine.

It is a known fact that because of the higher tannin content of this particular type of wine, the best ones to drink are the aged ones. Younger Syrah wines are quite bitter and may be too over powering. The suggested age would be around 15 years of age or even older than that.

Not all wines are not stored in a similar temperature Syrah requires one of the highest temperatures; about 18 degrees centigrade. This is an important aspect when keeping one of the best Syrah at home. You would not want to ruin a good bottle by storing it in the wrong temperature. Note that this also plays an important role when it comes to the flavor of your wine.

Best Syrah Wines

The best Syrah wine has a powerful and distinct taste due to the tannin levels. Its full body and smooth texture provides depth to the wine’s character. The aromas resembling berries, chocolates and more often the black pepper; the latter provides the unique spicy flavor that distinguishes Syrah from other wines in the market.