El Campeador 2011Spanish Syrah


El Campeador 2011 Spanish Syrah

El Campeador 2011 Spanish Syrah

Tasting the Spanish Champion El Campeador 2011 is nothing but one of the wines regarded a true champion in Spain. The wine is a champion in every sense of the word because apart from the fact that its taste is a winning taste, it has also been able to knock off many other wines off the competition trail. Right from the plains of Jumilla that many see as tending towards deserts, the wine has gone on to attract titles that speak highly of it. Since the Jumilla area is considered by many as one of the most wine productive and rich regions of Europe, it goes without saying that this wine has emerged from one of the most wine wealthy places.

A Blend of Champion Wine

The title of Spanish Champion is one that the El Campeador 2011 got from several accolades it has won, notably the 2012 Japan Wine Challenge where it scooped gold. The wine also scooped silver at the Syrah du Monde which is a competition for Syrah that is carried out in the wine rich country of France. The mixture and blend that this wine undergoes is the kind that makes it rather famous because it brings together elements of Monastrell, Syrah as well as Petit Verdot. Each of these brings a unique attribute because Monastrell brings the very wonderful color, Syrah brings the very healthy fruit and Petit Verdot brings the extreme depth that every wine requires before it can be called a complete wine.

Syrah du Monde 2012 Winner

Transformation in Jumilla

The very old estates of Monastrell can be found in very few places in Europe and Jumilla is just one of those few places. Located deep in the arid and desert like area of the South East of Spain, Jumilla has carried on with the tradition of the Monsatrell plantings. Since the grape is shared, as well as the climate, there are plenty of comparisons to the famous French Bandol reds. In the recent past, El Campeador 2011 has ensured that the whole world can notice the transformation that Jumilla has gone through especially in terms of improving the quality. All this has been possible because of the presence of top winemakers who have worked to improve the wine.

The Wine

The color of the wine is very distinct and is quite dark and the wine is considered by many one of the most aroma concentrated wines from south eastern Spain. The wine presents a very dark fruit that creates a rich flavor that is made complete with the bits and pieces of oak along with spice. The smoothness and eventual classic taste that the wine carries are reasons for its increased demand.

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